room 1227b, silverstein (ep)

by velvet crayon

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a word from gary maglary (of vote smith):
“in february of 2011, erik broke his leg in two places which lead to an emergency room trip where he was mistakenly brought to the trauma unit and then eventually admitted into the hospital for 5 days.

the following ep was recorded after this hospital stay while erik was in bed, using an ukulele, a toy synth & vocals recorded through his built-in laptop microphone and is based on notes he wrote while under the influence of strong pain medication in the hospital.”


released October 2, 2012

all songs written, recorded & mixed by velvet crayon in late april – early may of 2011. tape art by erik paluszak. insert art by adam x. storm. executive producer: adam x. storm. released by stoned monkey studios with a run of 100 tapes & digital download on october 2, 2012.


all rights reserved


Track Name: room 1227b, silverstein
"room 1227b, silverstein"
written by: e.paluszak

i have some friends, only a few,
and i love them with all my heart.
i don't know where i could even start
to thank them for all they do.

they make me smile at the perfect time
like on a days that don't lack a frown.
yeah, sometimes i can feel pretty down
in this lonesome cell of mine.
where i'm slowly losing my mind.

sometimes i get so paranoid.
you're there to say i'm being dumb
and you know to hug me before i run
cause i'm just trying to fill a void.

so please don't be mad with me
cause i called you late last night.
left a voicemail saying, "nothings right
and i can be found in silverstein
in room twelve twenty-seven b."
Track Name: hugs, drugs & neverbugs
"hugs, drugs & neverbugs"
written by: e.paluszak

i'm aware of the girl flirting with my brain.
a distraction from the world and all of this pain.
her smile is enticing, she says she'll help me escape.
her laugh is so inviting, but the invite will have to wait.

i'm aware of the pills distorting everything
but i'll take the cheap thrills, they make the light bulbs sing.
their song is harmonized, though slightly out of key.
their vision is terrorized by the darkness it can't see.

i'm aware of the bugs dancing on my skin.
maybe it's the drugs but they are now my kin.
our love is symbiotic, just another humble addiction,
they are so hypnotic, like some psychedelic fiction.
Track Name: but i was already sleeping
"but i was already sleeping"
written by: e.paluszak

reality is now a blissful dream,
where it sounds like humming when you scream,
and in this dream when we fell i died
and what im living now is my life reprised

but then a nurse woke me from that dream
to give me a sleeping pill was his scheme.
no, i don't need a pill to rest my brain
cause i was already sleeping before you came.
fucking jerk.
Track Name: reprised and repeated
"reprised and repeated"
written by: e.paluszak

gravity guide me home,
when i no longer need to roam.
please, stop leaving me trapped all alone.

they say whiskey can't replace
the memory of her face
but i'm still gonna drink it just incase.

reprised and repeated.. repeated and reprised..
gimme some r&r.. or at least let me get high..

i'm just a dinosaur
trapped in a cage.
this total isolation is such a bore.

i don't how if i will
become an old man
unless i'm always poppin' pill after pill.

reprised and repeated.. repeated and reprised..
gimme some r&r.. or at least let me get high..
reprised and repeated.. repeated and reprised..
gimme some r&r.. or at least let me get high..
or at least let me be high..
Track Name: the anti-implantable cardioverter defibrillator song
"the anti-implantable cardioverter defibrillator song"
written by: e.paluszak

no, i-c-d's!
no, i-c-d's!
and no blood pressures either.
Track Name: paranoia pill hallucination blues
"paranoia pill hallucination blues"
written by: e.paluszak

it's a cold cold night in february,
i'm broken and drugged once again.
i hallucinated your presence.
a smirk my way helps me understand
that i am okay.. it'll all be okay..
you say, it's okay.. that it'll all be okay..

optimus prime is under my control.
i've awoken to the secret of his power.
now rise, rise, oh just rise
like a helicopter from the tower.
flying away.. oh what a day..
i wanna fly away.. i don't wanna stay..

there's a lady screaming nothing,
sometimes you just need to scream.
maybe this time an echo will escape,
oh, a wandering mind can always dream.
that i am okay.. it'll all be okay..
when i fly away.. what will you say..

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